About Us

About us

Winner of top breeder award for Mastiffs in Canada 2001,
presented to us by Pedigree C.K.C.

Bill and I have been involved with Mastiffs for over 17 years. We live on four and a half acres in the Country with our Mastiff kids. We are members of the C.K.C., M.C.O.A. and Mastiff Association U.K.

Temperament and soundness are a top priority with us. We breed to maintain type, size, heavy bone good chests and dark pigment of muzzle and ears. 

Mastiffs are principally a head breed, so head and expression, as well as a sound structured moving dog will always be important to us.  All our Mastiffs are fully tested: Hips, elbows, cerf, thyroid, V.W.D. and cystinuria, heart and DNA. as well as dominant testing for PRA. (normal)  All are Canadian Champions with some having American Championships as well.

Also many of the dogs we have bred have gone on to place at the M.C.O.A. specialty in Puppy class, and also Puppy sweepstakes, also at the Canadian Mastiff Specialties we have had our puppies take Best Puppy in Sweepstakes, Best Puppy in Specialty, Sweepstakes Winners Bitch and Gus and Thera have taken Best Opposite, as well as some of the dogs we have bred taking group placements with the CKC and Harley winning Best in Show at the CFC show.

Some of our dogs have their C.G.C. and also do therapy work in hospitals and go to schools to meet the children, this was made possible through the S.P.C.A.

We are breeders of the true "Mastiff" sometimes referred to as the "English Mastiff" or "The Old English Mastiff"  please do not confuse us with the "American Mastiff" which is a cross between the mastiff and the Anitolian Shepherd.  The A.K.C. and C.K.C. recongnizes "Mastiffs" and does not recognize the American Mastiff.

We welcome visitors with sufficient advance notice, and insist on meeting all potential buyers. 
If you wish to get in touch with us email us at  

  Or call to inquire 519-986-3680

425193 Irish Lake Road
R.R. #1 Markdale ON N0C 1H0

Welcome to our site and enjoy looking at our kids!

News Flash
Harley is Number 5 Mastiff in Canada for 2008!

Harley's Dad "Gus" Best Canadian Bred at over 9 years old!

How to Buy and From Whom

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