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How to Buy and From Whom

If you are serious about purchasing a mastiff puppy, please do your homework. Don't buy a puppy from the first breeder you visit. Give other breeders a chance - go visit them, see how their dogs are treated, the condition of their dogs and how many dogs actually live with the breeder. Don't get puppy fever!

A puppy is an expensive and life-long commitment and should be purchased from an honest and reputable breeder, one who will stand behind their puppies.

Not all good breeders belong to breed clubs for whatever reasons. But this in no way diminishes the quality of their dogs. Membership in a breed club does not guarantee a good breeder or superior dogs. Some breed clubs require little more than a paid membership to belong. Please do not listen to breeders who belittle or bad-mouth others. Visit as many breeders as you can, listen, look and form your own opinion. Not everyone is as honest and forthright as they pretend to be. Some breeders cannot compete on an even playing field so they use innuendo and half-truths to dissuade potential buyers from going to see their competition. Please do not fall for this ploy. Go and see what others have to offer.